I’m a roaming creative director and design consultant.

An award winning hands on designer.

Driven by the desire to help make the world we live in look and feel like a better place, I use strategic thinking to help articulate this, and have over 20 years experience learning to do this.

Working in creative partnership with people, businesses and agencies, delivering work that works.

After leaving full time employment, I founded a small boutique agency which rocked for a few years. I then decided to follow an interest in bigger global projects, so I spent the next 12 years or so working with some of the biggest global network agencies such as Interbrand, The Brand Union, Futurebrand, and Landor Associates. Since then, I have had many direct relationships with businesses whilst still undertaking agency roles.

The work I undertake is mostly project based, usually leading the creative with a strategic perspective. I thrive on creation by collaboration. I truly believe everyone has a great imagination and should be encouraged to use it. Work works best when it is wholly collaborative and not restrictively linear. After all, everyone is a creative.

Some of these collaborations over the years include:

Alabama 3 / Amp / Artemis Investments / Damien Hirst / Davidoff / Detroit Electric / Digital Vision / DTI / Ecotricity / EMI / First Word Records / Futurebrand / HMV / Identica / Interbrand / John Lewis / !K7 Records / Lambeth Council / Landor Associates / M&S / NDC Partnership / One Little Indian Records / Orange / OPX / Parlaphone / Philips / SAB Miller / Selfridges / The Body Shop / The Bloodhound Project / The Brand Union / The Compass Group / The Ruts / Thomas Cook Airlines / Tower Hamlets Council / Vodafone

Detailed CV and references available upon request.

You can contact me via email here.

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Dan on a number of branding projects. Together we have had the task of creative direction, differentiation and clarity, whilst inspiring our design teams to create solutions based on this direction. An incredibly amiable and intelligent individual, he manages to balance talent, ambition and good human nature. He has an incisive creative point of view, and always brings smart strategic thinking to the table.”
Franco Bonadio
Chief Creative Officer, C Space

“I’ve worked with Dan on a number of projects requiring the translation of brand strategy into compelling design and execution. His approach is always clear, thought through and thorough – and the results brilliant. He’s a joy to work with.”
James Harrison
Director at BrandCap

“If we hadn’t hired Dan Barber, we’d be wallowing 
in a place of self-loathing and misery right now”
Larry Love
Alabama 3